Blazor Weekly Newsletter #24

Blazor Weekly Newsletter #24

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Blazor Framework Release Updates

  • ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Preview 7

    .NET 6 Preview 7 is now available and includes many great new improvements to ASP.NET Core.

    Here’s what’s new in this preview release:

    • Parity with existing experiences for minimal APIs
    • Added IResult implementations for producing common HTTP responses
    • Support Request, Response and User for minimal actions
    • Minimal host and template improvements
    • Supply Blazor component parameters from the query string
    • Replace the current URI in the browser history from Blazor
    • New DynamicComponent.Instance property
    • Blazor streaming interop from JavaScript to .NET
    • Large file upload & faster file uploads with Blazor
    • Modify HTML <head> content from Blazor components
    • Support for the multiple attribute on <select> elements in Blazor
    • Support for HTTP/3 in Kestrel
    • QUIC support moved to the shared framework
    • Allow control over Activity creation
    • Support for non-ASCII characters in Kestrel response headers
    • Add W3CLogger
    • Add authentication expiration option to SignalR

Blazor UI Component Libraries Release Updates

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