Blazor Community Resources

Table of contents

  1. Blazor Tutorials
  2. Training Videos
  3. Community Projects @GitHub
  4. Online Blazor Playground
  5. Social Media
  6. Community Forums or Q&A
  7. Blogs/Articles
  8. Podcasts
  9. YouTube Channels

Blazor Tutorials

Blazor University - Dedicated Blazor Tutorial website for learning Blazor framework

Blazor School - Yet another dedicated website for Blazor Tutorials along with a handy Mobile app to learn on the go!

Training Videos

.NET Live TV - Live Training from Microsoft folks about .NET technologies.

Blazor in 8 Hours by FreeCodeCamp

Beginner Tutorial videos for Blazor by kudvenkat

Blazor Tutorial video series by Curious Drive

Blazor WebAssembly Tutorial Video - Explained using Planner App by AK Academy

E-Commerce Website with Blazor WebAssembly by Patrick God

Community Projects @GitHub

Awesome Blazor - Community driven awesome place to find all Blazor related resources in one place.

Unit Testing library for Blazor - bUnit is a testing library for Blazor Components.

Blazor Clean Architecture - Clean Architecture Template for Blazor WebAssembly Built with MudBlazor Components.

Oqtane Framework - Modular Application Framework for Blazor

BlazorExtensions - Lot of useful Blazor extensions are available such as Canvas, ChartJS wrapper, etc.

Online Blazor Playground - Code and Run Blazor projects online


Blazor REPL

Social Media

Twitter - Twitter hash tags for Blazor

Reddit channel for Blazor

Facebook Groups

Blazor ASP.NET Core

Asp.Net & Blazor Community

Blazor - WebAssembly

Community Forums or Q&A

Microsoft Q&A Site - Technical questions about building interactive client-side Web apps with Blazor and ASP.NET Core.

Stack Overflow - Community forum to discuss about Blazor related queries.

Gitter - Live Chat with Blazor experts in Gitter.

Blazor FAQ by Syncfusion


Blazor related Blogs - from Microsoft

BlazorHelpWebsite - Michael Washington created the blog engine using Blazor, and all his articles will talk about Blazor.

Blazor Blogs - by Chris Sainty

Blazor Blogs by Ed Charbeneau

Blazor Articles - C# Corner is generating lot of technology articles and this page lists the Blazor related articles.

Blazor related blogs at

Blazor Articles from Syncfusion

Blazor Articles from Telerik

Blazor Blogs - by Harvey Triana

Blazor Articles - by Jimmy Engström



Coding After Work

YouTube Channels

Coding After Work

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