About Me

Hi folks,

My name is Vetri Maran. I work as a senior software developer for a MNC. I have 5+ years of experience.

I am a huge fan of.NET technologies, and Blazor has sparked my interest. As excited as I am about Blazor, I believe you should be as well, because it increases development productivity and reduces the learning curve to become a full-stack Web developer, among other things. One of the current problems with Blazor is that it is continually evolving and improving, forcing everyone to keep track of the changes and learn new things. I'm still learning this technology, and I'd like to dedicate a site to the Blazor developer community from my perspective.

Don't worry. I will not publish any spam content as I read all the links before I include them in my post. I will do my best to post only useful and relevant content regularly. I also do not endorse any perspective of either the original blog authors or your opinion of the content linked from my post.

If you want to include your articles in my upcoming newsletter or on this site, you can contact me through the below channels.

Email - bestofblazor@gmail.com

Twitter - https://twitter.com/blazorweekly